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Rip it or ship it- book edition 

So I’ve seen this tag around a lot so I decided to do my own bookish rip it or ship it.

So the first name that I pulled out of the the hat was Gale Hawthorne and Katniss Everdeen( coincidence I know)

This one I definitely ship. Reading the books I always liked Gale more than Peeta so SHIP IT!!

Number 2 was Rowan whitethorn from the throne of glass series and Tobias Eaton from divergent. 

This one is definitely a rip it. I just feel as though Rowan and Tobias would clash too much and would be constantly bumping heads.

Number 3 was Will Herondale from The infernal devices and Aelin from throne of glass.

Okay this one I ship a lot. I just feel as though Will is so bad ass and Aelin is badass and they are both just so sarcastic and funny. I think they would be perfect together!

Number 4 is Clary Fairchild from the mortal instruments and Celaena Sardothien  from throne of glass.

In a strange way, I kind of ship these two. I feel as though Celaena is kind of like Jace and they really suit each other? Idk but I ship it.

Next is Jeanine from divergent and Hermione Granger. 

I definitely don’t ship these two. They are both super smart and I feel as though they would clash too much. RIP IT

Lastly is Minho from the maze runner and Voldemort.

No. Just no. Rip. It.


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