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ACOTAR discussion 

There is a crap ton of hype around this series. If you are a member of the book community, whether on bookstagram, booktube, booklr, or WordPress, then you have definitely heard of this series by Sarah J Maas. Heck, even if you aren’t a part of the book community, with the recent ‘A court of wings and ruin’ release, you have probably heard of this book series. Unless you live under a rock. I am a daily user of bookstagram and my feed was constantly spammed with pictures of this book, and since I am a HUGE fan of Sarah’s other series, Throne of glass, I finally gave into the hype and bought this book.

So obviously, I had very high expectations going but this book and I am happy to say that it lived up to most of them.

So for starters, I fell in love with the story line of this book and the re-telling of beauty and the beast. I didn’t understand how it was a re-telling until near the end of the book but when everything clicked in my mind and all made sense, it made me love the story even more. I love the characters in the book. I think that Feyre is such a great leading lady in the sense that she is smart, funny and brave. She was so courageous and bad-ass under the mountain and she is just so admirable. I loved Tamlin at first, and I shipped Feyre and Tamlin so hard, but then Rhys came along on fire night and… well. I got really confused. And now, having finished the book, I still don’t know who to ship.

I think that the hype around this book is very well deserved. I didn’t like ACOTAR as much as I like Throne of glass but it is definitely an incredible first book in the series and I can’t wait to start reading a court of mist and fury. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the story line and the characters evolve. Plus, I’ve heard that the second book is actually better than the first. I think that Sarah, as usual, has created an absolutely stunning high fantasy world that you can’t help but fall in love with. She makes the characters so loveable and then setting of prythian is gorgeous. If the hype around this book hasn’t already drove you to read this book then I seriously recommend it🌹


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