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Breaking Silence book review (spoiler free)

A Spoiler Free Book Review of Breaking Silence by Karen Langtree

The Synopsis:

‘Having escaped from a high security detention centre, the last thing Silence Hunter expects to run into is a girl, threatening him with a knife. Her name is Chas. Forced to flee together, they find themselves caught up in a quest to unearth the truth and outrun their pursuers. Chas and Si must fight for their lives as their past threatens to consume them’

I met Karen Langtree at Waterstones a while back and I bought a copy of Breaking Silence, which she signed for me. I wanted to write a review for this book that I think will give it justice. I finished the book and I am absolutely in love with it. I can’t wait for Breaking Lies(The second book in the trilogy). I have a few things that I wanted to mention about this book. First thing is the characters. I adore all of the characters in this book. The first character that I want to talk about is Si, who I love very much. Si is the leading male protagonist in the book and he is incredibly written, perfectly described and I fell in love with him straight away. I love the way that even though his life is constantly in danger, he still manages to be slightly goofy and very sarcastic. I think that one of my favourite moments from Si was when he threw up on his enemy and smiled sarcastically at him, or that time that he was strapped to a table in front of a screen, potentially about to be tortured, and he asked the guy who captured him “so are we watching a movie then?”. I just think that Si is such a funny and sarcastic character(I love sarcastic people) and he always manages to lighten the mood no matter the situation.  Chas is a character that, as a teen aged girl, I found very easy to relate to. She sought of reminds me of my self actually. The way that she is serious when she needs to be but is still sarcastic and cheeky, the way that she rolls her eyes a lot, the way that she finds it difficult to trust new people, and the way that she is more mature than anyone around her. My favourite moment from Chas was when she was sleeping in the car and Si heard a noise on the roof, and Chas told him, without even opening her eyes, that it was a bird. I’m not sure why, I just find that scene amusing. I love the character development through out the book. I got to see little Ben come out of his shell, I got to see Chas and Si begin to rely on each other and I got to see the 3 of them come together in a small, messed up family. The book was packed with action from start to finish and I was literally hooked by the first sentence. I physically couldn’t put this book down, and when I did it was either because it was two o’clock in the morning and I physically keep my eyes open any longer, or because I had to go to school. This book was so unpredictable and full of plot twists. Every time that I thought the characters were safe, they came across a new threat. Breaking Silence was also an emotional roller coaster ride at times and there was a lot of parts where I was very close to crying. There was one part that had me distraught and I had to blink away my tears in school. One of the things that made me really sad in this book was that because it is set in the future, everyone reads on their tablets instead of owning physical books, and a future without books is a future that I wouldn’t want to live in. I also wanted to say, that since I live in the UK and the book was set in the UK, I felt as though I could relate to the book more than any other book that I have read before and it made me feel more involved and closer to the story and the characters. I also wanted to say that some of the plot twists in this book was incredible and I didn’t see half of them coming. I sat their with my jaw dropped and my eyes wide for a whole 5 minutes after reading one part. I also couldn’t bring myself to trust any of the new characters introduced during the story. 

Overall, I think that this book deserves so much praise and I want it to get the attention that it deserves. You can purchase a signed copy of breaking silence of Karen Langtree’s website, which is


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