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How I got into reading

When I was little, I didn’t mind reading, but I didn’t love it. I remember that I read all of the assigned reading books for someone of my age in school, but that wasn’t becuase I loved reading,  that was mostly to show off how much I read. Now that i think back on it, it wasn’t really that impressive because those books were thin as hell. Seriously, they had like 30 pages and huge words, but hey, I was 8 years old at the time. I can still remember how proud I was when I was told that I had the highest reading level of my age and that instead of reading the assigne books, I could read all the thicker books from the library. At that age I was also a pupil librarian but that wasn’t because of a love for books either, that was so that me and my friends could sit in the library when it was cold at break.

I can still remember the book series that actually got me into reading. The series that opened my mind to how incredible fictional worlds were. The series that was my first fandom, and the series that made me a geek. It was a dystopian trilogy. Guessed it yet? Yep, it was the hunger games. Now, theres a pretty funny story about how I even ended up reading the hunger games in the first place, and since this post is about how I got into reading, I’ll tell you. Basically, it was christmas 2012 and I would have been 9 years old. The second hunger games movie, catching fire, was due to come out that year and my dad wanted me to go see it with him. So, he suggested that I go and watch the first movie and then we would go see the second one together. I refused, I didn’t like the sound of the hunger games. Then on christmas day, I opened a present from my uncle, and ironically, it was the complete hunger games trilogy(spooky, I know). Then on boxing day, I pulled out the first book and started reading it. I finished it the same day. The next day I picked up the second book and read that the same day, and the same with the last book. I basically read 3, quite thick books, in the space of 3 days which made me really proud since I was only 9. I watched all of the movies and the hunger games became my first fandom. I kept reading more books and then I read the entire maze runner series in 2014 just because they had a sticker on the fron that read “a must for the fans of the hunge games”. the maze runner became my second fandom and those films got me into teen wolf and teen wolf got me into supernatural and so on. Basically, I am so so glad that I decided to read the hunger games trilogy, because without that trilogy, I would not be a reader and I would not be as passionate about books as I am today. That is why the hunger games will always have a special place in my heart, because it made me who I am today.


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