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Rip it or ship it- book edition 

So I’ve seen this tag around a lot so I decided to do my own bookish rip it or ship it.

So the first name that I pulled out of the the hat was Gale Hawthorne and Katniss Everdeen( coincidence I know)

This one I definitely ship. Reading the books I always liked Gale more than Peeta so SHIP IT!!

Number 2 was Rowan whitethorn from the throne of glass series and Tobias Eaton from divergent. 

This one is definitely a rip it. I just feel as though Rowan and Tobias would clash too much and would be constantly bumping heads.

Number 3 was Will Herondale from The infernal devices and Aelin from throne of glass.

Okay this one I ship a lot. I just feel as though Will is so bad ass and Aelin is badass and they are both just so sarcastic and funny. I think they would be perfect together!

Number 4 is Clary Fairchild from the mortal instruments and Celaena Sardothien  from throne of glass.

In a strange way, I kind of ship these two. I feel as though Celaena is kind of like Jace and they really suit each other? Idk but I ship it.

Next is Jeanine from divergent and Hermione Granger. 

I definitely don’t ship these two. They are both super smart and I feel as though they would clash too much. RIP IT

Lastly is Minho from the maze runner and Voldemort.

No. Just no. Rip. It.

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ACOTAR discussion 

There is a crap ton of hype around this series. If you are a member of the book community, whether on bookstagram, booktube, booklr, or WordPress, then you have definitely heard of this series by Sarah J Maas. Heck, even if you aren’t a part of the book community, with the recent ‘A court of wings and ruin’ release, you have probably heard of this book series. Unless you live under a rock. I am a daily user of bookstagram and my feed was constantly spammed with pictures of this book, and since I am a HUGE fan of Sarah’s other series, Throne of glass, I finally gave into the hype and bought this book.

So obviously, I had very high expectations going but this book and I am happy to say that it lived up to most of them.

So for starters, I fell in love with the story line of this book and the re-telling of beauty and the beast. I didn’t understand how it was a re-telling until near the end of the book but when everything clicked in my mind and all made sense, it made me love the story even more. I love the characters in the book. I think that Feyre is such a great leading lady in the sense that she is smart, funny and brave. She was so courageous and bad-ass under the mountain and she is just so admirable. I loved Tamlin at first, and I shipped Feyre and Tamlin so hard, but then Rhys came along on fire night and… well. I got really confused. And now, having finished the book, I still don’t know who to ship.

I think that the hype around this book is very well deserved. I didn’t like ACOTAR as much as I like Throne of glass but it is definitely an incredible first book in the series and I can’t wait to start reading a court of mist and fury. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the story line and the characters evolve. Plus, I’ve heard that the second book is actually better than the first. I think that Sarah, as usual, has created an absolutely stunning high fantasy world that you can’t help but fall in love with. She makes the characters so loveable and then setting of prythian is gorgeous. If the hype around this book hasn’t already drove you to read this book then I seriously recommend it🌹


Pre-Order Blitz-Soul Bound by Jas T Ward 

Soul Bound by Jas T. Ward
Genre: Grimdark Romance
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Murderer …

Jace Camden is haunted by his past. One that has many believing he got away with murder. He’s run from it, trying to start a new life in a new town. But his past hasn’t let him escape and it’s determined that his future will not be a long one.

Death will demand it’s due.

And his late wife will make sure that debt is paid.

Kitt Thomas’ life is in a rut but that changed when she looked into the sad, haunted eyes of Jace Camden. Something about his wounded soul called to her — like a flicker in a very dark cave she should have had the sense not to step into.

But his past will make sure she is no more part of Jace’s future than life is.

Because he’s soul bound.

And that’s a bind that can only be broken by death.


Death May Mean The End …

But Love Doesn’t Give a @$%& – Jace Camden

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Breaking Silence book review (spoiler free)

A Spoiler Free Book Review of Breaking Silence by Karen Langtree

The Synopsis:

‘Having escaped from a high security detention centre, the last thing Silence Hunter expects to run into is a girl, threatening him with a knife. Her name is Chas. Forced to flee together, they find themselves caught up in a quest to unearth the truth and outrun their pursuers. Chas and Si must fight for their lives as their past threatens to consume them’

I met Karen Langtree at Waterstones a while back and I bought a copy of Breaking Silence, which she signed for me. I wanted to write a review for this book that I think will give it justice. I finished the book and I am absolutely in love with it. I can’t wait for Breaking Lies(The second book in the trilogy). I have a few things that I wanted to mention about this book. First thing is the characters. I adore all of the characters in this book. The first character that I want to talk about is Si, who I love very much. Si is the leading male protagonist in the book and he is incredibly written, perfectly described and I fell in love with him straight away. I love the way that even though his life is constantly in danger, he still manages to be slightly goofy and very sarcastic. I think that one of my favourite moments from Si was when he threw up on his enemy and smiled sarcastically at him, or that time that he was strapped to a table in front of a screen, potentially about to be tortured, and he asked the guy who captured him “so are we watching a movie then?”. I just think that Si is such a funny and sarcastic character(I love sarcastic people) and he always manages to lighten the mood no matter the situation.  Chas is a character that, as a teen aged girl, I found very easy to relate to. She sought of reminds me of my self actually. The way that she is serious when she needs to be but is still sarcastic and cheeky, the way that she rolls her eyes a lot, the way that she finds it difficult to trust new people, and the way that she is more mature than anyone around her. My favourite moment from Chas was when she was sleeping in the car and Si heard a noise on the roof, and Chas told him, without even opening her eyes, that it was a bird. I’m not sure why, I just find that scene amusing. I love the character development through out the book. I got to see little Ben come out of his shell, I got to see Chas and Si begin to rely on each other and I got to see the 3 of them come together in a small, messed up family. The book was packed with action from start to finish and I was literally hooked by the first sentence. I physically couldn’t put this book down, and when I did it was either because it was two o’clock in the morning and I physically keep my eyes open any longer, or because I had to go to school. This book was so unpredictable and full of plot twists. Every time that I thought the characters were safe, they came across a new threat. Breaking Silence was also an emotional roller coaster ride at times and there was a lot of parts where I was very close to crying. There was one part that had me distraught and I had to blink away my tears in school. One of the things that made me really sad in this book was that because it is set in the future, everyone reads on their tablets instead of owning physical books, and a future without books is a future that I wouldn’t want to live in. I also wanted to say, that since I live in the UK and the book was set in the UK, I felt as though I could relate to the book more than any other book that I have read before and it made me feel more involved and closer to the story and the characters. I also wanted to say that some of the plot twists in this book was incredible and I didn’t see half of them coming. I sat their with my jaw dropped and my eyes wide for a whole 5 minutes after reading one part. I also couldn’t bring myself to trust any of the new characters introduced during the story. 

Overall, I think that this book deserves so much praise and I want it to get the attention that it deserves. You can purchase a signed copy of breaking silence of Karen Langtree’s website, which is


Book sacrifice tag

I’m in a reading slump and I have nothing to write about… ( an autobiography by Me)

So you may have heard of this tag as it was popular on book tube a while back so you probably know how it works. If you want to watch one of the book tube versions of this then I seriously recommend polandbananasbooks and Jessethereader as they are my favourite book tubers! link:

So basically here is my book sacrifice tag!

One- an over-hyped book: Zombie Apocalypse! So imagine you’re in a book store, just browsing, when all of a sudden there is a zombie attack. An announcement is releases saying that military has discovered that the zombies’ only weakness is over-hyped books. Choose a book that everyone else says is incredible but you really hated and start chucking it at the zombies to save the world. Mine would have to be twilight. I know that it isn’t all that hyped now, but it was before. Basically, when people went through the ‘vampire stage’ twilight was really hyped and I tried, believe me I tried to read it but I just found the beginning of the book so boring. I loved the movies so I went out and bought all of the books but after reading the first book, I gave up with that series.

Two- a sequel: imagine that you have just left the hair dressers with a flawless new hair style and then the heavens open up and it starts raining cats and dogs. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself? So for me, there is no sequel that really stands out as terrible so it took me a while to think of this one but in the end, I have to go for the infinate sea by Rick Yancey. So basically, I really enjoyed the first book in the trilogy, the fifth wave, but I think that by the time the second book came out, I couldn’t remember that much about the first book so it wasn’t that good for me. Maybe if I had re-read  the first book then it would have been okay but ah well.

Three- A classic: let’s say that your English teacher is ranting on and on about how this classic changed the world, how it revolutionized literature and you get so fed up that you chuck that classic right at her face because you know what? It’s worth the detention just to show everyone how you feel! What classic did you chuck? The classic that I would chuck off my English teachers face would be ‘The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. I really enjoyed this classic at the beginning and in the middle but I feel like the ending could have been much better and I think that it was really dissapointing.

Four- Your least favourite book in your life: Let’s say that you’re just hanging out when someone tells you that the world is going to end and that the only way to save everyone is to burn your least favourite book. Which book do you burn? mmmmm… what book should I burn? I think that I would probably burn Allegiant. Let me put it straight. I DO NOT HATE THIS BOOK! I don’t actually have a book that I hate but I would burn Allegiant for the emotional pain that it caused me.

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How I got into reading

When I was little, I didn’t mind reading, but I didn’t love it. I remember that I read all of the assigned reading books for someone of my age in school, but that wasn’t becuase I loved reading,  that was mostly to show off how much I read. Now that i think back on it, it wasn’t really that impressive because those books were thin as hell. Seriously, they had like 30 pages and huge words, but hey, I was 8 years old at the time. I can still remember how proud I was when I was told that I had the highest reading level of my age and that instead of reading the assigne books, I could read all the thicker books from the library. At that age I was also a pupil librarian but that wasn’t because of a love for books either, that was so that me and my friends could sit in the library when it was cold at break.

I can still remember the book series that actually got me into reading. The series that opened my mind to how incredible fictional worlds were. The series that was my first fandom, and the series that made me a geek. It was a dystopian trilogy. Guessed it yet? Yep, it was the hunger games. Now, theres a pretty funny story about how I even ended up reading the hunger games in the first place, and since this post is about how I got into reading, I’ll tell you. Basically, it was christmas 2012 and I would have been 9 years old. The second hunger games movie, catching fire, was due to come out that year and my dad wanted me to go see it with him. So, he suggested that I go and watch the first movie and then we would go see the second one together. I refused, I didn’t like the sound of the hunger games. Then on christmas day, I opened a present from my uncle, and ironically, it was the complete hunger games trilogy(spooky, I know). Then on boxing day, I pulled out the first book and started reading it. I finished it the same day. The next day I picked up the second book and read that the same day, and the same with the last book. I basically read 3, quite thick books, in the space of 3 days which made me really proud since I was only 9. I watched all of the movies and the hunger games became my first fandom. I kept reading more books and then I read the entire maze runner series in 2014 just because they had a sticker on the fron that read “a must for the fans of the hunge games”. the maze runner became my second fandom and those films got me into teen wolf and teen wolf got me into supernatural and so on. Basically, I am so so glad that I decided to read the hunger games trilogy, because without that trilogy, I would not be a reader and I would not be as passionate about books as I am today. That is why the hunger games will always have a special place in my heart, because it made me who I am today.

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Books that changed me

“I believe that every book you read changes you; changes how you think, what you say, how you act, or how you look at the world. If a book doesn’t change something about you then it has failed at being a book”                 -unknown, pintrest

I found this quote on pintrest and it really got me thinking, ‘has a book changed me?’ and the more that I think about it, the more that I realise that they have. I can now think of quite a few books that have changed the way that I act, the way that I handle situations, and the way that I see things. And I agree, that is what a book should do. Use words to influence and shape people into better human beings, which means that a lot of my favourite authors can take credit for the way that I have turned  out. So anyway, I thought I would mention just a few books that I think have change me the most.

Number one is Divergent by Veronica Roth. This is the first book that popped into my head when I read this quote and I think it is the book that inspires me the most in my everday life. Here’s the truth. I am not a very confident person, I never have been. I’ve always been a shy girl who felt awkward talking to new people, was scared to order food at resteraunts, was afraid to put my hand up in class, and so on. But after I read Divergent I found it changing the way I do things. When reading the Divergent books I was absolutely in love with the Dauntless. I thought they were incredible! They are so brave, fearless and they always stand up for what they believe in and what they think is right. Even Eric Coulter, although he chose the wrong side, was brave enough to face death for what he thought was right. So now, in everyday situations when I get scared to do something I think to myself ‘Dont be a pansycake. Be dauntless’ and that(as stupid as it may sound) is what inspires me to do things that I normally don’t have the courage to do. I mean just the other day, I was at a sleepover with my friends and we decided to go down the stairs on a mattress! I wimped out at first but then I reminded my self that the dauntless would do it, and I slid down head first. I may have bumpd my head on the wall and bruised my shoulder but it was totally worth it.

Number two is Harry Potter by JK Rowling. In this book, it was more the characters that changed me rather than the story line. One of the main characters that changed me was the brilliant Hermione Granger. Hermione Granger loves books, I love books, but I wasn’t always so open about loving books. See, a lot of people in my school think that books are lame and that hanging in the library is for loosers, so I didn’t admit to people that I actually enjoyed it when the teachers made us do silent reading. But reading the Harry Potter books, and seeing how much Hermione loved books and love going to the library made me feel proud that I loved books instead of being ashamed. Now, I talk about books all the time, I carry a book with me everywhere that I go and I am a pupil Librarian with my best friend so I am always in the school library. So thank you Hermione Granger.



Hi, my name is Laurie and I am a bit of a nerd. I don’t really know how to start this blog and i’m not going to lie, i’m kind of winging it a bit here. Basically, I am obsessed with books. I love reading them, I love re-organising them on my shelves, I love buying them and I love writing them. I have a bookstagram account which is called ‘_fictional_worlds_are_better_’ which is currently almost on 400 followers and I also have a facebook page called ‘City of heavenly books’ where I post memes, relatable posts and book recommendations. On this blog I am going to be posting reviews. I am currently  reading ‘give up the ghost’ By a YA author Megan Crewe. I received a free ebook copy of this book from Megan Crewe and she seems really nice so I figured I would write her a review. Here is the description of the book:

Cass McKenna much prefers ghosts over ‘breathers’. Ghosts are uncomplicated and dependable, and they know the dirt on everybody… and Cass loves dirt. She’s on a mission to expose the dirty secrets of the poseurs in her school. But when the vice president of the school council discovers her secret, Cass’s whole scheme hangs in the balance. Tim wants her to help him contact his recently deceased mother, and Cass reluctantly agrees. As Cass becomes increasingly entwined in Tim’s life, she’s surprised to realise he’s not so bad and he needs help more desperately than anyone else suspects. Maybe it’s time to give the living another chance…